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Hemorrhoids are bulging blood vessels in or near the rectum or anus and it’s something that most people face in their lifetime. But that doesn’t mean you have to endure the pain it can cause. Hemorrhoids are so common and can create frustration doing regular everyday activities such as going to the bathroom.

They may develop inside the anus (but can protrude outside) or develop outside the anus and be covered by skin. Although hemorrhoids can be painful, they rarely cause long-term health problems. Hemorrhoids sometimes result in blood in the stool, but this can also occur with colon or rectal cancer, so being checked out by your doctor is also important.

Do these 3 symptoms sound familiar?

These are the possible symptoms for anyone suffering from severe hemorrhoids:


Anal ache or pain, especially while sitting.


Bright red blood on toilet tissue, stool or in the toilet bowl.


Pain during bowel movements. Tissue at the anal opening and hanging outside the anus.

How Can Dr. Alexander Help? 

Most hemorrhoids can be managed at home. However, some hemorrhoids can become a serious health issue. If you have any symptoms of hemorrhoids for more than a week, you should make an appointment with Dr. Magdi Alexander for a consultation.


A doctor diagnoses hemorrhoids by examining the area around the anus and rectum and may use an anoscope to look inside the rectum. Dr. Alexander will study your lifestyle, and medical history to properly diagnose the classification of hemorrhoid you’re experiencing.

Grade 1 Hemorrhoid – First Degree Hemorrhoids bleed but do not prolapse outside of the anal canal. You may see blood in your stool or when you wipe after a bowel movement, but the swollen tissue will remain inside the anal canal.

Grade 2 Hemorrhoid – A Second Degree Hemorrhoid prolapses outside of the anal canal (mostly when defecating), but will retract spontaneously. So, you may feel momentary discomfort when the tissue comes out of the anal canal, but the discomfort will subside when the hemorrhoid retracts.

Grade 3 Hemorrhoid  A Third Degree Hemorrhoid prolapses a little more than a Second Degree Hemorrhoid. It remains protruding outside of the anal canal until manually pushed back inside the canal. The hemorrhoid may feel like an uncomfortable bulge on your anus and may be painful.

Grade 4 Hemorrhoid – Similar to Third Degree Hemorrhoids, Fourth Degree Hemorrhoids prolapse outside of the anal canal and do not retract spontaneously. Fourth Degree Hemorrhoids usually contain strangulated or thrombosed tissue that needs to be removed. These hemorrhoids cannot be manually replaced. These hemorrhoids cause great discomfort and pain.


From Painless to Virtually Painless Treatments for Advanced Hemorrhoid Grades!

Less than 5% of people with hemorrhoids require surgery, so talk to Dr. Alexander about your conservative treatment options. Possible hemorrhoid treatments include:

Heat Energy Therapy – Most patients feel very little, if any pain during HET™ Treatment. Most people don’t realize their options for treatment and that surgery is not the only option available! HET™ can gently treat internal hemorrhoids to help you return to your normal life without the pain and discomfort. This hemorrhoid treatment is so simple and effective that most patients are able to return to work and their daily routine shortly after leaving our office.

THD – The advantage of this procedure is that no incisions are made, and that people with prolapsing hemorrhoids can be treated with little pain association compared to standard hemorrhoidectomy. THD uses Doppler guidance to locate the end branches of the arteries leading to the hemorrhoid. Once the arteries are located, absorbable sutures are used to tie-off the blood flow. No more blood can flow into the hemorrhoid and the vein remains intact so blood can still flow out. The entire procedure is completed without excision of tissue.

PPH – This well-tolerated procedure deals with pulling up significant prolapse without having to do a traditional hemorrhoid, which significantly reduces post-op pain issues.

Rubber Band Ligation – This office-based procedure is the most common treatment for internal hemorrhoids. However, if symptoms persist after three or four treatments, surgery should be considered. Consult Doctor Alexander to see what’s right for you.

Sclerotherapy – Performed in the office by Dr. Alexander, sclerotherapy is a method to shrink smaller internal hemorrhoids using different solutions. The procedure causes minimal discomfort and patients may return to regular activity the same day.

Meet One of the Most Trusted General Surgeons in the Los Angeles area, Dr. Alexander, MD

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  • Board Certified Surgeon in advanced laparoscopic, minimally invasive hemorrhoid surgery.
  • Dr. Alexander has received multiple acknowledgements from national medical associations, including Teacher of the Year from Huntington Memorial Hospital, and the Physician of the Year Award from the Physician’s Advisory Board.
  • A member of the American Board of Surgery and a fellow of the American College of Surgeons.
  • He is currently the Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery at Huntington Memorial Hospital and formerly the Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery of The Keck School of Medicine.
  • Participated in numerous research protocols

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