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Hemorrhoid Patient Reviews*

 Testimonials – As promised recovery was within 72 hours.

“Kayla got me right in and Dr Alexander saw me right away when others offered appointments weeks down the road. He made the diagnosis right away then gave me three options for treatment. I chose the least invasive procedure offered, which was a quick in and out minor operation. As promised recovery was within 72 hours. This doctor is easy going, funny, and no nonsense. He uses a lot of analogies to make you understand your current problem and what he proposes to do about it. Thank you Dr A.”

by Samantha S.

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 Testimonials – Free of this pain after months!

“I went to see him about a problem that I really wouldn’t discuss with anyone else. All I can say is that he made me feel completely at ease and fixed it with a minor office procedure. He is very knowledgeable and got to the point right away. To be free of this pain after months of suffering is a god send. Thank you.”

by Cesar C.

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 Testimonials – Thank you Dr. Alexander

“I highly recommend Dr Alexander. I can’t believe that my surgery is done and I’m on the road to recovery. I am truly grateful to have found Dr. Alexander because I had no insurance being homeless I was able to get emergency medical and he accepted it and treated me well. Thank you Dr. Alexander you’re a good man.”

by Cesar C.

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 Testimonials – Thank You Dr. Alexander!

“Doctor saw me. I thanked him graciously! He did an amazing job. He explained the discolorations and color told me everything is normal. I am so thankful! So now I’m here writing this that’s the least I could do.”

by Brian K.
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 Testimonials – Dr. Alexander is the best

“Due For Surgery Soon And So Far Dr. Alexander and Kalya Are The Best! Really taking the time to explain from A to Z my surgery have made all the arrangement for me.”

by Jay J.
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 Testimonials – Skilled doctor

“Very skilled doctor, nice and efficient front desk/assistant, clean and comfortable clinical environment.”

by Wendy T.
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 Testimonials – Much appreciated

“Dr Alexander is a great Doctor. I personally do not like going to doctor’s, dentist, hospital’s but this doctor handled my situation with care and put my anxieties to rest within minutes of my first visit. Much appreciated.

by Paul Rykert

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 Testimonials – Knowledgeable & honest

“He diagnosed the problem and helped me slowly get my life back. He is knowledgeable and answers all my questions and gave me straight options and answers. Highly recommend.”

by Lawrence D.
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 Testimonials – Very caring

“Excellent surgeon made me at ease during the evaluation. My operation went very well.”
by Jeane H.
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 Testimonials – A blessing in Disguise

“I wanted to write a review from a wife’s perspective. My husband recently had a Inguinal Hernia. I had to do some research to find the right place to go to. We called many places, in California and out of state. When I contacted Dr. Alexander’s office, I got to speak with Kayla, his assistant. Bless her heart. I am a woman of many questions and had gotten the run around from several places before I got to talk to her. She helped calm my nerves, didn’t rush me off like everyone else did, answered all my questions and even invited me to call back if I had any further questions, which of course I did. We ended up scheduling an appointment for that same week. Considering how much in pain my husband was this was nice to hear since everywhere else stated that it would take several weeks if not months to be seen. Our appointment was fabulous and Both Kayla helped out with the paperwork and Dr. Alexander was very thorough with the details of what was happening to my husband, it comforted both our nerves. Very friendly, nice, and great upstanding doctor. We ended up scheduling the surgery for the next week and Dr. Alexander accommodated us and our needs. The day of the surgery he took fantastic care and the facility was very nice. Quick and easy since it was outpatient. Follow up care was great, they took many calls from my husband throughout the week that followed and it was just a great place all over. I say a blessing in disguise since I didn’t think we’d ever find a place this great and service so fantastic. I would recommend Dr. Alexander to anyone, his service is to be commended for and they went above and beyond what they needed to. Thank you to both Dr. Alexander and Kayla for your all your help with my husband, it is much appreciated.”

by K.Siders
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“Dr. Alexander performed an appendectomy on me and I have nothing but good things to say after the surgery. He was reassuring and calming which helped with the pre surgery jitters. Post surgery I felt great. Awesome surgeon.”

by Collin DeBranch
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“Dr. Magdi was very knowledgeable and explained my options as well as giving excellent advice to avoid future troubles. My surgery was easy and recovery quick as he told me it would be during my consultation.”

by E.G.
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 Testimonials – Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy Surgery

“I consider myself very fortunate to connect with Dr. Alexander to help me with my painful and enduring condition. When I met him in his office for consultation he was very clear and confident describing my condition and based on his recommendation I decided to perform the surgery. Needless to say the surgery was very successful and Dr. Alexander was able to describe and articulate in details all the steps I needed to arrive to fast and complete recovery. In addition, his office nurse is awesome always available to take any question and assist with all my needs. Dr. Alexander was able to see me several times after my surgery until he made sure that I was 100% healed and recovered. I am very glad and satisfied that I found Dr. Alexander as I recommend him to all friends and family members.”

by H. El-Kara
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 Testimonials – Excellence

“After dealing with three months of misdiagnoses and ineffective treatment I found Dr. Alexander. He immediately diagnosed my problem and planned out a course of treatment. I was diagnosed with a triple hernia, one recurrent. Dr. Alexander laid out a course of treatment and followed through. Regrettably the recurrent hernia caused a nerve to be strangulated. In order to remedy this Dr. Alexander scheduled me for injections to remedy this situation. I have been able to engage in my normal day-to-day activities since the surgery and the follow up treatment. Should you ever be inflicted with hernia pain I highly recommend the services of Dr. Alexander.”

by Chris Kucharski
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 Testimonials – Impressive

“I just want to say how happy I am with Dr. Alexander. I had an umbilical hernia for five years. I was so afraid to go in for surgery because I have never been “put under anesthesia” and it scared the heck out of me. Huntington Memorial ER referred me to Dr. Alexander – I was so nervous but from the moment you enter his office. His assistant is lovely and puts you at ease. Dr. Alexander spent time going over the why’s and how’s and then made his recommendation…a week later I was having my surgery. The outpatient surgical center in Glendale was fabulous, my doctor was fabulous and now a week later I am healing perfectly. I just can’t say enough good about him and if you’re doing your homework like I did…you will see here there are a hundred satisfied patients of his out there. Don’t put it off anymore…this man is fantastic.”

by Tammi on Mar 19th, 2013
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“Dr. Alexander has a very nice manner. He listened and answered all my questions. I never felt rushed nor uncomfortable. He carefully and thoroughly explained the operation, both pros and cons. I would recommend him without reservation. His nurse was caring and made me feel comfortable.”

by Jessica Cohen on Feb 21st, 2013
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 Testimonials – Excellence

“I highly recommend Dr. Alexander. I was terrified of surgery because of a past experience, but, he was very informative & explained everything. His nurse, Kayla, was very helpful, caring & supportive.”

by B.
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 Testimonials – Excellent Experience

“This was the first time I had to undergo surgery. Dr. Alexander was great, told me what to expect, put me at ease and answered all of my questions. The surgical experience itself was excellent, with the surgery center first class, the staff excellent, and from start to finish it only took 2 hours. His care and concern for his patients is evident. Overall, a great experience.”

by Robert H.
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